Tests for Alzheimer’s

Greta also asks if there is a test for Alzheimers’s. 

According to most resources, there still isn’t an absolute test for Alzheimer’s disease.  Discuss symptoms with your doctor or family member’s doctor, learn all you can about current research, and find out  about some tests that help clarify.  Whether we can tell genetically, it still isn’t absolute.

According to the Mayo Clinic, “There’s no specific test today that confirms you have Alzheimer’s disease.”  However, this article describes some rudimentary observations doctors use to determine whether the dementia exhibited is Alzheimer’s.

Before my aunt became my responsibilty, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  I don’t know what guidelines were used to determine this, since Auntie lived in a different state and was living with another elderly family member who eventually could no longer cope with her needs.  This other aunt had many physical impairments herself. 

I never had my mother tested.  Her symptoms became so similar to her sister’s that it was obvious to her doctors, other caregivers and me she probably had the disease.  Since Mother and Auntie had this disease, more observations and conclusions are available.

What are your thoughts on this?