Severe Alzheimer’s Disease – Stage 3

Previously, I discussed Mild Alzheimer’s Disease (Stage 1) and Moderate Alzheimer’s (Stage 2).  Today I’ll mention some of the symptoms of Severe Alzheimer’s or Stage 3.

At this stage, the person with Alzheimer’s can’t care for themselves at all.

  • Eventually the forget how to use words to communicate their thoughts.
  • They’ll usually become incontinent.
  • They won’t recognize themselves in the mirror.
  • Eventually they can’t walk and need the use of a wheelchair.
  • They fail to recognize family members and friends.
  • They need full-time care either in their home or a nursing home.
  • They can no longer feed themselves.

I’ve only touched briefly upon the various stages of Alzheimer’s.  There are books, web sites, support groups and experienced people for more information about this illness and how the family members and family caregivers can cope with it.

Moderate Alzheimer’s Disease – Stage 2

In the the previous post, I described some indications of Mild Alzheimer’s Disease, or Stage 1.  Here are some you may find if the person has progressed to Moderate Alzheimer’s Disease or stage 2.

The symptoms of Stage 1 will become more pronounced at the moderate stage.  Other symptoms will appear:

  • The person may need supervision at home or at an adult day-care center.
  • There is more trouble with thinking and reasoning.
  • They may see things that aren’t there and become rather paranoiac about people.
  • They’re likely to argue more often, pace around, wander from home, and eventually require constant supervision.
  • They forget to turn off water faucets or turn off the stove.
  • The family member forgets to dress properly and becomes less caring of his/her appearance.
  • They also begin to confuse the people in the present with people from their past.