Keep Track of Alzheimer’s Patients with GPS Shoes!

GPS shoes….the next item for keeping track of Alzheimer’s patients who tend to wander off on caregivers.  Developed in Europe by GTX Corp., they are expected to hit the U.S. market within the month.

The GPS system is planted in the heal of what appears to be a normal shoe, which  Alzheimer’s patients arent’ so likely to reject as they do bracelets and pendants.

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Are Subtle Signs of Alzheimer’s Recognizable?

We often wonder how we can tell that a person will be stricken by Alzheimer’s.  Are their signs that could alert us before the very obvious ones become evident? 

According to a recent article, Signs of Alzheimer’s Sets in Decades Before, in the Times of India, there are some telltale signs that could give a hint of this disease years before it’s readily recognizable.  It has to go with the glucose utilization in the brain.  This article refers to actual research done.