Gettng Back on Track with my Column

So sorry I got behind in writing my Alzheimer’s News & Notes column in 2012.  A number of family illnesses, including my own, got me sidetracked.

I’m planning to make a 2013 start to provide you with information and encouragement.  Being caregiver for my mom and her sister (my aunt)made me realize that we can’t do this alone.  We need the support of others.  We also need to know we can gain pleasure from the caregiving, even though it may be frustrating.

I’ll be touching bases with you throughout 2013!

Sleeping Through the Night

Yes, sleeping through the night is an impossibility, I discovered, when you’re caring for an Alzheimer’s patient. Mother had no sense of time and would get up in the middle of the night, thinking it was day I found I would never tell her we were going somewhere the next day. She’d get up in the night and begin getting ready.

But God helps us through it. I look back now and know I was priviledged to care for Mother.

However, it did reach a point where I had to place her in a nursing home. I had an outside-the-home job, too, and Jim had a business to run. It started as day care at a nursing home, then evolved to residency. At some point you realize you can’t physically do everything, much as you want to.