Talk Radio Wants You

In my last column, I presented Utah (on-air) stations that are in my book, Talk Radio Wants You, and in one or more of my 16 ebooks of talk radio shows. The categories in parentheses represent the book and/or ebooks where that station is listed. Bear in mind that one show may cover two categories, such as a food show may go into both the health and environment ebooks. Also, don’t be fooled by the limited categories. The station may air many more categories – these only reflect the hosts that responded to my questionnaire

In this column, I am covering Virginia, Washiington, Washingon, D.C. and Wisconsin:







WLEE, Richmond, Va. (ebook – men & women and politics)

Office Phone: 804-643-0990




KKNW, Bellevue, Wa. (in book – self-help, men & women, New Age, animals and business; in ebooks – self-help, parenting, NewAge, business)




KIXI,  Bellevue, Wa. – (ebook  – food and travel, men & women)

Marc Kaye, general manager –




KVI, Seattle, Wa – (in book – business; ebook – business)




KIRO, Seattle, Wa. (in book – food and wine)


Program director Larry Gifford –



KPTK, Seattle, Wa. (in book – politics; in ebook – politics).

Progressive talk

Program director  –



KSBN, Spokane, Wa (in book  – business, animals, parents and children, antique and collectibles, politics – in ebook- business, politics).

Money talk




Washington, D.C.


WMAL, Washington, D.C. (ebook – business)

Programming – 202-895-2327






WGTD, Kenosha, Wisc (book – politics, technology, entertainment)

Wisconsin Public Radio

General manager David Cole –



WLIP, Pleasant Prairie, Wisc (ebook – sports)


Program director John Perry –



WIBA, Madison, Wisc. (ebook – politics)

Program director Tim Scott –



WTDY, Madison, Wisc (book – entertainment)

Program director Kurt Baron –


5 Ways You Can Turn Used Tires Into Useful Objects Around Your Home and Yard

Environmentalists continue to do their part to help save the earth. So, what can you do to contribute to this great cause? Well, if you own a car and have used tires just lying around, you probably don’t know what to do with them. Instead of taking them to an overcrowded landfill, try something that benefits not only you but the earth? Here are 5 ways you can turn those used tires into something around your home and yard.


Take an old tire or two, use them as is or turn them inside out. Once this is done, simply spray paint the outside making it decorative. Next, line the tire with a black trash bag. Lastly, place soil and plants or seeds to make a decorative planter from used tires.

Play Area Floor

Instead of going out and purchasing mulch or cutting down a tree, here’s an idea for creating a safer play area. Shred your used tires up into small pieces and line your play area floor. This creates a soft cushioning for kids who love sliding, swinging, or running. Now, there will be no worries of splinters when they fall.

Tire Swings

Instead of purchasing a plastic or metal swing set, try taking an old tire, drill one or three holes into it, and lock a rope or chain into the hole or holes. One hole will give you a sideways swing allowing kids to sit inside or on top whereas three holes will create a swing that will allow one or more kids to ride together while spinning in a circle.

Garage Bumpers

If you park your vehicle in the garage and are afraid of scraping it on the walls, here’s a quick idea for you. Cut your used tires into sections and mount them to the garage walls to create bumpers.

Great Wall of Tires

In addition to play area floors and tire swings, used tires also make great climbing walls. If your child loves to climb, don’t use ropes that burn or chains that pinch. Mount your used tires together in check board fashion and hang them to create a great wall of tires.

As you can see, tires, including the ones from mastercraft, keep you safe on the road and can be used for decoration and playtime. Try these 5 ideas while contributing to such a great cause. You can help reduce landfills and save the earth using only your creativity and imagination.

Neighborhood Know-How: Gardening Ideas

By Brooke Chaplan

If a front yard is looking a bit more prosaic than a homeowner would like, there are some things that can be done, for not as much money as one would think, to liven it up. Show off your front yard to the entire neighborhood. Here are a few gardening ideas to think about.

Plant Some Stepping Stones

Well-placed stepping tones are attractive to any walkway, and can guide the eye toward the house, or a place in the garden or yard that the homeowner wants noticed. Flagstones can be bought at the garden center and should be at least one and a half inches thick and just about equal in size. Another option is to use concrete pavers. Though it’s admittedly a job of work, all that’s needed are the stepping stones, a couple of bags of rough sand, chalk for a chalk line, a garden trowel, a level, a shovel, and a garden hose or two for a trial layout.

Add An Arbor

An arbor is another bit of hardscaping that delineates the various rooms in a yard. It’s also attractive and is perfect for climbing vines. Some of them are wide enough to accommodate benches. As with the stepping stones, the homeowner can build one him or herself or can hire the services of a landscape artist.

See to the Trees

Sometimes all it takes to make a yard look fetching is to prune the trees. Pruning not only gives shape to the trees, but is good to encourage growth in a particular direction. It removes dead wood, and allows light and air to circulate. Trees that are diseased or dying should be taken down, especially if they threaten to topple over onto high wires, the homeowner’s house, or the neighbor’s property. The good thing about taking down a sick tree is that it can be replaced with another. A homeowner might choose a new tree for its fall foliage, fruit, its beautiful spring flowers, or all of these.

Light It Up

Landscape lighting is not only esthetically pleasing, but is also a safety feature. Low voltage lights in the yard can be installed in only a few hours. Sometimes all they need is to be planted in the ground and connected. If there’s no electrical outlet nearby, an electrician can be called in to install one. Many types of landscape lights direct their light downward, but others direct light up to cover a wider area and some can be adjusted to do both.

As seen here there are many ways to draw the eye to your outdoor garden and front door. Just take some active measures to find a ways to create interest at little cost to you. If you want a low-maintenance look, never forget the importance of adding color with a few flowers. In no time you will have the yard of the year.

Texting Like Crazy!

  • There was a time when a plain and simple cellular telephone was somewhat of a status symbol. These days, in many peer groups any teen without the ‘in’ model popular with his crowd the risk of being shunted out of it… at least until he gets one.

Be that as it may, some other groups are more interested in the nitty-gritty… that is, the functions of which the apparatus is capable.

The infinite number of applications and games it carries, the access to the Internet, a GPS and instant translation into Klingon… all these, however, pale into insignificance when one has a camera…and decides to use it for texting.

Like alcohol, nicotine, and pornography, which it may sometimes resemble, sexting has become a popular vice (I hesitate to call it “pastime”) with teens today.

As witnessed by a recent set of photographs on Reddit, teens seem to be obsessed with their image – to the extent of taking selfies at funerals. But sometimes, this desire to show odd one’s beauty / body shape becomes an obsession. It puts them, or so they think, on the same level as celebrities who do it… forgetting that in a few years’ time, prospective employers will be haunting their search engines for clues as to the younger-days behaviour of hob applicants.

Add to this the pressure imposed upon teens by their so-called ‘friends’ of either gender, and you have the perfect recipe for the risky behaviour involved.

The cherry on the cake is the wanton behaviour of ‘teen idols’ who are supposed to be there as role models…but end up as caricatures of themselves through their antics and anti-social behaviour, most probably calculated to garner them column space in the press. The irony is that most of the celebrities who ‘undress for their pictures’ are on their way out, though they desperately want to be on their way up.

However worldly-wise they think they are, teens are too young to realise that all three factors contribute to the epidemic of selfies that somehow become sexting just this side of porn. Tell them that they are breaking the law, and they will laugh… because they are sending risqué photographs of themselves to others “of their own free will”.

Parents who assume that their teens can do no wrong – and who, moreover, boast that they have offspring as near enough perfect as does not matter, would do well to inform themselves of the possible consequences of this rampant craze in which photographs, messages or even video clips are sent or perhaps swapped.

Some parents cannot imagine that behaviour involving a vulnerable, semi-naked teen and a camera-phone is on the same level as substance abuse. They cannot understand that they are still responsible for their teens until they become adults.

Some studies maintain that one in three teens has sent or received sexually-charged photographs and / or messages within the last month.

A teen who is sitting in her room, all silent, could be sleeping, studying, reading… or sexting.  It has been said that “if you want to keep a secret, keep it to yourself” – and it is the same with any picture a teen uploads on to the Internet. They never know who will end up seeing the photographs, messages or video clips, or whose system will be hacked, and their pictures exposed.

Teen girls may assume it is “fun” and “cool” to be addicted on a physical level. They would never, ever, in a million years, believe that their BBF or the boy who egged them on to do it “…if you live me”, will turn traitor and post their pictures for the world to see.

It is unfortunate that sex education lessons rarely discuss this salient point when talking about “private body” and how the bits that are usually covered by underwear ought to be protected.

Alas, some teens think that showing their assets is all a part of growing up. When their heroines do it, they assume that this adds clout to their arguments that they are no longer babies.

As parents of teenagers, we are duty bound to take care of them – and not because any crimes committed by them will rebound upon us. The problem must be nipped in the bud; teaching a child that she is unique, and precious, and must not demean herself just because someone says so, or because she can do so with impunity, is just not on.

It helps when parents are ‘friends’ of children on social sites, and when teenagers are only allowed state-of-the-art mobile telephones on condition that the parents can check the content at any time.


Relocating For Work? 5 Expenses Your Work Should Be Covering

moving-truckBy April Labarron

Depending on your offer and arrangement with your new employer, if you are relocating to take a new job, your new employer may have agreed with you to reimburse you, or pay directly, for certain costs of your move. Allowable reimbursable expenses often track fairly closely with the kind of expenses you could deduct from your income tax if you were personally bearing the burden of those costs. These generally include reasonable relocation expenses incurred in connection with the move between your old home and your new home city.

Specifically, a good relocation package should provide for your new employer to pay for at least the following 5 types of expenses:

Transportation of Household Goods

The costs of moving the household goods and personal effects of you and your family, including the costs of packing and crating, from your old home to your new home location. Talk to several reputable moving companies. Get references and choose carefully. There’s a wide range of quality out there from quick and dirty to caring professionals who will treat your heirloom furniture with the care you hope for.

Short-term Storage

The cost of storing and insuring those household goods and personal effects after they are removed from your old home if they cannot be immediately delivered to your new home. Most employers will put reasonable limits on the amount of storage time they will pay for in a relocation package, often 30 days. If you do need to do this, particularly if you need tips on storing valuable antiques, make sure to find a secure, established company with a good reputation and on-site resident managers, like

Pets and Car

The shipping costs to send your household pets and your car to your new home.


The costs of disconnecting utilities at your old home or connecting utilities at your home.

Travel to the New Home

Your direct travel expenses, including lodging (but sometimes excluding meals, depending on your particular employer’s package), from your old home to your new home. You may need to check with your particular employer regarding company policy on mode of transportation or any itinerary other than direct point to point travel between your old home and your new home location.

With your employer’s help in financing some of the expenses, hopefully your move will be smooth and secure.

About the Author:

April Labarron is a native to Southern California. She has her BA in English/Literature from MSJC in Menifee, Ca. She views her freelance writing, not only as a career, but as her passion. Other areas of interest include; movies, food, singing, soccer, traveling, shopping and a continuous desire for learning. She lives on her own and is accompanied by her Pomeranian named, Elvis. She currently resides in Temecula, CA.

Eating Too Much Fruit

By Robert Jackson

Some time ago I was having my body fat percentage measured at a gym. I’d been putting quite a bit of effort into my workouts and diet so I wanted to know how I was doing. The lady doing it asked a few questions beforehand, and one of them was “How much fruit do you eat?” I thought this a great time to display my good dieting habits and said “Oh, I eat around 7-10 pieces a day.” Surprised, she said “Really! I’m amazed that you have such low body fat eating that amount each day!”

The conversation moved on and I didn’t think about it much more until a few years after the event when my interest in what to eat and when to eat it developed and I started to learn much more about nutrition and how vital it is to staying lean.

Sugar Rush

I didn’t think about it at the time but the reason is kind of obvious. Fruit contains a lot of sugar, fructose to be precise. If you are eating a lot of fruit each day you are also eating a lot of sugar and this may be impacting your weight loss goals.

Don’t get me wrong, you should definitely eat fruit. It’s full of amazing nutrients and vitamins that your body needs. It’s just that you need to have it in moderation. For example, eating 3 apples, a bunch of grapes, 2 oranges, 3 bananas and 3 kiwi fruit a day is really going to bump up your sugar levels.

Eating sugar creates a surge of insulin to be released by your body to help breakdown the sugar so it’s dealt with and used for energy. However, if your body doesn’t need the abundance of glucose (sugar in its usable form) that is available it will be stored as fat for use at a later date.


If you think about what you put into a smoothie you will find that you’re probably putting a lot of fruit in it. Some very popular smoothie manufacturers make a very big deal about how much fruit they are putting into a bottle. When would you ever eat that amount of fruit in one go? You wouldn’t, but because it’s in a blended state it’s easier to drink it without thinking about actually how much sugar you are consuming.

Fruit Substitute

The important nutrients and vitamins that you get from eating fruit can be obtained from vegetables instead. So make your fruit salad more salad than fruit. Leafy greens like spinach, watercress and rocket are packed full of goodness. The greener the better.

Quick Tip: The darker red fruits also give the best bang for your buck! So stick to red or black grapes, for example, instead of green ones. Strawberries and blueberries are great, too.

Our foods today contain far fewer nutrients and vitamins than they did many years ago because of how intensively we farm the soil and because we import a lot of it from oversees so it is picked before it’s ripe and ready, thereby reducing the amount of time that the fruit or vegetable has to get the good stuff from the plant. This is one good reason to eat locally sourced, seasonal vegetables.

Everything in Moderation

The over-riding idea here is everything in moderation. You CAN have too much of a good thing, fruit in this example. Small amounts of fruit are good, especially in modern life where most people do very little exercise and sit in a chair all day. Make sure that you have a range of vegetables to fill your nutrient needs and if you think you aren’t getting enough look at the option of taking some supplements, such as a multi-vitamin.

If in any doubt ask your doctor for a blood test to see if you are deficient in anything and look for a suitable supplement or change your diet to address any issues.

Timing is Everything

The best time to eat fruit is definitely not in the morning. This will spike your blood sugar, produce insulin and store the glucose as body fat if you don’t use it. So when is the best time? It’s post exercise. Insulin is actually a very anabolic (muscle building) hormone when released after exercise and a very easy way to trigger insulin release is by having a piece of fruit which is high in sugar. This is the ideal time to replenish the glucose energy stores, too.

About the Author:

This year Robert Jackson became an Ironman! He believes in a balanced approach to exercise and nutrition and that anything to excess for a long period of time is not be good for you. He has created an independent protein powder website to demystify the buying process.

DIY: 5 Best Hairstyles for Men

Are you looking for a new style that suits your hair type? Here are the best cuts of the moment, which are low maintenance and easy to wear.

Prohibition High-and-Tight

If you haven’t watched Boardwalk Empire yet, what are you playing at? This hairstyle – modelled by our man, Tom Hardy – is straight from the days of the Prohibition. It’s strong, masculine, and goes really well with a full beard. Avoid this style if your hair is wavy or curly.

Get to the barber shop and ask your trimmer to keep the sides short, getting shorter towards the nape of your neck. On the top, there should be at least an inch and a half. Finish up by using a gel to keep the front in place.


This ‘do is a little Johnny Bravo, but not quite so sky-high. Without a doubt, the hipster hairstyle is the most popular on the block at the moment. Even the Biebs rocks this look (sorry, we didn’t mean to dissuade you). This style may not work for you if your hair is very thick or very curly, otherwise you’re good to go!

Your barber has to leave at least three inches on top, so you can build up the crowning glory. Sides should be somewhere between short and medium, depending on how ‘natural’ you want your hipster hair to look.

Lock in your style by blowdrying back your hair and using strong hold hair product.

James Dean

Look like you’ve just emerged from a 1950s film theatre with the swept back, rebellious James Dean style. This is a full-bodied style that works if your hair is curly and medium to thick; it probably won’t work for you if you have fine and straight hair.

Keep your sides at a medium length. The top should be twice as long as the sides, but blended well. Use a medium hold pomade to keep it in place and comb straight back. You could easily do this at home with Wahl hair clippers.


Now is a great time to grow out your hair and get away with it. If Brad Pitt has given it the okay, you know you’re in safe waters. Rather than a quick-fix, this takes time to grow. This style used to be the reserve of metal heads, but now you can experience what it’s like to have the wind in your hair.

Hail Caesar!

“My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius … and I will have my Caesar haircut, in this life or the next!”

We think that’s how it went anyway…

Russell Crow mastered this style in 2000, and recently Gerard Butler (famous for his appearance in 300) has followed suit. You can’t really get more low maintenance than this, so it’s perfect for athletes. You can get away with this style and it doesn’t matter what your hair type is, unless it is seriously textured. Just cut your hair evenly.



Halloween Party Time

ocotpusOrganizing a Halloween party for you child’s class can be fun!  Star with find out the if there are any rules or guidelines about decorations or food . Most schools are promoting healthy treats, one of my favorite healthy spooky treats is a bell pepper Octopus in hummus. Serve with rice crackers. Other healthy treat ideas are lightly carmel apples which are plentiful in the fall, and popcorn balls. to add some more spookiness to the treats make ice cubes that look like eyes by adding blueberries before freezing.

Remember the decorations and party supplies  can really add to the fun and atmosphere.  They can be store bought ( Order online and save) or made by the students. Use paper products rather and styrofoam to show a good example about recycling.

Make a graveyard in the coatroom, using cardboard grave markers and crepe paper spider webs. Be sure the all the mom  helpers  wear Halloween costumes too.  Have a spooky fun time!!



New Homes and Older Homes Each Have Their Own Advantages

family-homeBy Jay Preston

Some people like to do work around the house.  I’m not talking about ordinary, everyday work like washing the dishes and doing the laundry.  I am talking about real work, DIY, remodeling, painting, sanding, gardening, replacing old fixtures and rewiring the basement.  But before you get to do all of these things, before the projects either mount up or you call in for some reinforcements, it comes down to what kind of home you purchase.  Are you looking forward to putting some blood, sweat and tears into the projects around the house in order to make it what you have always dreamt about or do you want something that is new, fresh and is not in need of any updates?

So the basic question to ask yourself is whether or not you are a new home kind of person or an old home kind of person?  Do you want everything perfect from the start or do you want a fixer-upper?  There are some definite benefits to either choice; it really comes down to personal preference and what you are willing to put into the home.

There are some advantages to purchasing an older home.

  1.  Larger lots.  Usually, an older home is situated on a larger piece of property.  As neighborhoods, towns and cities grow the lot sizes tend to shrink so that more houses can be built on the same amount of land.
  2. Mature vegetation.  If having large mature trees on the property is important to you, then an older home is usually the best way to take advantage of the shade and beauty that they provide.
  3. Customization.  An older home is ripe for a remodel and because often times it is original to the home, you have a great deal of flexibility in how you redesign any upgrades.
  4. Established neighborhood.  Older homes have a history and you can trace the history through sales in the neighborhood and the trends of the property over the years.  They also tend to be located near established businesses and schools as well.

Along with the benefits that an older home has, it also has some drawbacks which can be avoided with a newer home.  And because a new home does have its advantages as well, here is a list of them.

Advantages to a newer home.

  1.  Home warranty.  Many builders are offering a home warranty that will protect you from problems with the house.  With an older home, there is a greater chance of major issues involving structural and building problems such as the roof, windows and the heating and cooling system.  These can be very expensive problems.
  2. Newer neighborhood.  With new homes in new communities, you often get benefits such as new construction near and around the neighborhood.  Community centers with benefits such as organized activities and often times even newer schools and government facilities.
  3. Customization.  If you are buying a new house, one that hasn’t been built yet.  You get to make decisions and choices in what the interior design of the home is, including appliances, fixtures, flooring and paint schemes.  This gives you the opportunity to customize the home ahead of time, without having to remodel it on your own.

Of course, the pros and cons for each choice will depend on how you feel personally about each topic.  For us do it yourselfers, a project that is challenging, yet doable and rewarding might not be an option for somebody else.  We all have our own individual skill levels when it comes to home improvement and our own comfort levels.

About the Author:

Jay Preston is blogger and Brand Manager for ToolHQ. He enjoys writing about homeowner and DIY topics.


Talk Radio Wants You


In my previous columns, I presented all the terrestrial (on air) stations that are in my book, Talk Radio Wants You, and in one or more of my 16 ebooks of talk radio shows – through Texas. Today I am presenting shows in Utah.

The categories in parentheses represent the book and/or ebooks where that station is listed. Bear in mind that one show may cover two categories, such as a food show may go into both the health and environment ebooks. Also, don’t be fooled by the limited categories. The station may air many more categories – these only reflect the hosts that responded to my questionnaires.



 KZNU, St. George, Utah  (book – New Age, Addiction & Recovery; ebook – food & travel)

General Manager Carl Lamar




KSL, Salt Lake City, Utah (book – politics)

Programming: 801-575-7681

KSTAR, Orem, Utah (ebook – health)

Family-owned station