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  • RSS Alzheimer's News & Notes

    • Gettng Back on Track with my Column
      So sorry I got behind in writing my Alzheimer’s News & Notes column in 2012.  A number of family illnesses, including my own, got me sidetracked. I’m planning to make a 2013 start to provide you with information and encouragement.  … Continue reading →
  • RSS Ask Karen

    • Happy New Year – What about those chicken thighs?
      Sorry that’s it been almost 3 months since I have posted.  I am sure you know how it is during the holiday season.    The question and subject below came about when an acquaintance was discussing with a couple of us while … Continue reading →
  • RSS Blogging Coach

    • What is the Fuss With Instagram?
      Social networking has dominated the internet for years now, and with good reason. These types of websites allows us to socialize, share, and consume information easily with people we enjoy. Instagram is a photo sharing social network that will allow … Continue reading →
  • RSS Business Coach

    • Tribe Finders for Business
      Hello Friends, it has been a wonderful exciting year.  I have so much to tell you, so stay tuned! First of all, the best thing that I ever did for my business and for myself was to establish my tribe. … Continue reading →
  • RSS Business Display and Storage

    • Cart Cover: Essential or Optional?
      Smart carts are pretty items of utility. You can keep in a corner of your home and they look like aesthetic furniture pieces that you can use for storing stuff. You can keep them in your kitchen and they become … Continue reading →
  • RSS Business Software

    • Finding the Best Surgical Instruments
      By Greta Jenkins We all know how important it is to have quality surgical instruments on hand at hospitals, medical clinics and doctors’ offices. Some surgical instruments manufacturers have been providing well made surgical instruments for many years including; Karl … Continue reading →
  • RSS Child Support Help

    • Keeping Children Safe Against Identity Theft
      By Melissa Page Anyone can be a victim of identity theft, even children. Individuals below 18 are being targeted 35 times more often than adults and the incidence is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. According to a 2012 … Continue reading →
  • RSS Unknown Feed

  • RSS Clothing – Fashion – Style

    • Pick you Side! Function vs. Look
      By Simon Andras Some ladies love the thrill of the frills.  They love shopping, looking in the mirror, trying outfits on and hitting the streets to be seen and heard.  These fashion conscious women would rather be caught frozen in Siberia … Continue reading →
  • RSS Consumer News

    • Handling Medical Negligence Cases Effeciently
      If you believe that hospital is a low risk zone, failures do crop up even in the most secure zones. Whenever we are sick as affected persons we believe in the general practitioners with their superior certifications to have the … Continue reading →
  • RSS Diabetes Advice and Information

    • The Facts Behind Diabetes
      November is national diabetes awareness month, a time when we are supposed to spread the facts about diabetes. Despite all of the resources several reputable organizations post on the internet, rumors and myths about the disease still exist. When my … Continue reading →
  • RSS Education and Training

    • How and Why You Should Blog While in College
      By Amanda Greene Blogging is something that every college student can do and probably should do because it can help a student advance academically, socially, and in the job seeking department as well. Blogging is free, easy to set, up, and … Continue reading →
  • RSS Engineering

    • How to Spot Harassment at the Workplace
      By Tiffany Matthews You enter the office and smile at your co-worker, only to realize he couldn’t appreciate your pearly whites as he’s too busy looking below your hemline. You’re used to admiring looks since you know you’ve got great legs. … Continue reading →
  • RSS Finance

  • RSS Freedom to Survive

  • RSS Green Living

  • RSS Hair Styles

    • DIY: 5 Best Hairstyles for Men
      Are you looking for a new style that suits your hair type? Here are the best cuts of the moment, which are low maintenance and easy to wear. Prohibition High-and-Tight If you haven’t watched Boardwalk Empire yet, what are you … Continue reading →
  • RSS Healthy Supplements

    • 5 Health Benefits of Cumin
      By Steven James Cumin is a spice found originally in Mediterranean and Indian cuisines and traditional medicinal recipes for treatment of many ailments. Cumin itself is a flowering plant and it’s the seeds of this plant that are used in cooking and medicine. Many cultures believe that it is powerful healing properties, but is it […]
  • RSS Home and Garden

    • Tips to Prevent Ice Dams
      Ice dam removal can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t have the right equipment or know-how to do it safely and correctly. If the temperature of your entire roof is the same as the eaves, there shouldn’t be … Continue reading →
  • RSS Law

    • Six ways of Developing an Effective Money Laundering Risk Matrix
      By Pat Johnson Money laundering is a delicate and confusing process and it may lead to you being arrested and convicted for breaking the law. Changing back money into white is illegal in most countries, as is dodging taxes. There are several ways to avoid getting censured … Continue reading →
  • RSS Learning at Home and School

    • Making the Most of Vacation
      Summer’s in full swing, and the kids are likely in full “I don’t care about learning” mode.  My opinions on THAT subject are a matter for a whole other post.  You can interrupt that slide, though, with vacation.  There are … Continue reading →
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Best Family Vacations, Road Trips and Family Fun Weekends

  • RSS Love and Money

    • February brings in the Love
      As soon as January was out the door, well actually before if you looked in your grocery store, Valentine’s Day balloons and cards were all over the place. LOVE is in the air! Shouldn’t love be in the air all … Continue reading →
  • RSS Love Online

    • What to Really Ask Your Partner Before Going to the Next Level
      By Michelle Rebecca Moms, aunts and do-gooder married pals are eager to dish out advice, but what does a person really need to know before taking the leap? Whether it’s getting married, moving in together or just talking of an … Continue reading →
  • RSS Massage Insight

    • Traditional OR Alternative? Let’s Try AND!
      For this month’s blog I was planning to detail how periodic massage could actually offset your medical costs. After all, with so many of us enduring with the bare minimum coverage, I thought that I could put a positive spin … Continue reading →
  • RSS MomMe: Balancing Self and Motherhood

    • Real Moms, Real Balance – CATHY M.
      Meet this Canadian mom of two who nurtures her sense of self through volunteerism and family. Cathy M. Age:  48 Children:  Conner, 18, and Duncan, 11 Career status:  Homemaker Marital status:  22 years married to Darc, a director of engineering … Continue reading →
  • RSS Native Gardening

    • Grow your own salad bowl garden
      For many of us, green salads are a dinner-time staple.  There are so many greens that are not available at your local grocery store, so why not expand your salad horizons and try growing your own greens.  A simple way … Continue reading →
  • RSS Pets

      By David Surtees An important part of planning your holiday is finding suitable accommodation for your cat. You don’t compromise your holiday hotel, so why put your family pet in anything less than the best? Read on to find out … Continue reading →
  • RSS Real Estate

    • Relocating For Work? 5 Expenses Your Work Should Be Covering
      By April Labarron Depending on your offer and arrangement with your new employer, if you are relocating to take a new job, your new employer may have agreed with you to reimburse you, or pay directly, for certain costs of … Continue reading →
  • RSS Rent or Own? – Homes and Apartments

    • Why Home Security Will Benefit The Safety Of Your Family?
      By Kristene Blackham Home break-ins and property crimes are on the rise all across America, and if you have ever had a burglary occur to you or someone you know, then you probably already know the benefit of having a home … Continue reading →
  • RSS The Poet Who Loves His Computer

    • What is poetry?
      Different poets define poetry differently. Wordsworth defined poetry as “the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings;” Emily Dickinson said, “If I read a book and it makes my body so cold no fire ever can warm me, I know that is … Continue reading →
  • RSS Resources for NonProfit Organizations

    • Starting a Non-Profit
      Step-by-Step – Start-up Tasks  Drafting a Mission Statement Mission, vision and values Resource: What Should Our Mission Statement Say? Recruiting Board Members Resource: “Everything you need to know about boards,” from Learning to Give. […]
  • RSS School Age Children

    • Distance School in Australia
      Home schooling alternative distance education schooling as it’s called in Australian is a growing trend. Choosing the right distance school for your children is a very important decision. Proper curriculum, focus on the whole child, approachable teachers, inquiry based learning, … Continue reading →
  • RSS Shopping

    • Crazy About Cars? Four Must-Haves for all Car Enthusiasts
      By Hannah Whittenly Car enthusiasts are pretty easy to spot. They are normally guys, but some women are car crazy too, and the casual observer can spot them easily. Their rides are either immaculately clean, and/or heavily accessorized. So we … Continue reading →
  • RSS Skincare Basics & Beyond, Naturally!

    • Beautiful Skin Begins with a Good Skin Care
                        Many people want to achieve having beautiful, glowing and healthy skin. To make this possible, good skin care is a vital component to make this happen. It can’t just happen overnight … Continue reading →
  • RSS Straight Talk Parenting

    • 5 Tips for Families to Help Avoid Holiday Stress
      Holiday excitement is brewing in many of our homes, and it has been for awhile. Stores putting out their Christmas decorations before we’ve even finished off our Halloween candy and holiday music sprinkled between easy listening songs being playing on … Continue reading →
  • RSS Talk Radio

    • Ten Tips for Being a Good Radio Host
      For the Host: (1) Do your research on the guests and ask for a copy of their book or information on their business. The more you know about the guest the more insightful your questions will be. (2) Prepare questions … Continue reading →
  • RSS Tanja's Teenscape

    • Death Watch
      I had written two posts mentioning suicide. I had hoped never to write another one. But the recent sorry excuse for reportage – a pathetic hotchpotch of biased comments with concerted, subtle, yet vicious splotches of slut-shaming and vindictive, malicious … Continue reading →
  • RSS The Budget Diet

    • Spend Less This Christmas – 7 Simple Ways to Save Money
      Spend Less, Give More Stress Less, Save Money Sound familiar? Is this your plan every Christmas season? Your intentions are great, but how can you really spend less this Christmas? There is more to frugal shopping than just looking for the sales! Frugal Shopping – 7 Simple Ways to Save Money Plan Ahead – Now’s […]
  • RSS The Write Spot

    • Cherishing Memories : How to Keep those Photos Organized
      There are many things to love about digital cameras. They allow us to take as many photos as we want without worrying about running out of film. They allow us to keep images permanently on our computers without worrying about … Continue reading →
  • RSS Travel and Holidays

    • Setting Sail For the Beach? How to Dress Your Best.
      While a man dressing for the beach is typically a simple affair, it is still important to know how to dress so you feel comfortable and look confident. You definitely do not want to be the guy everyone is taking … Continue reading →
  • RSS Weight Loss Advice